Thursday, April 10, 2008


A routine trip to the library put my children and me in the presence of “Heroes”. As we left the children’s book room, we were invited to participate in a “Welcome Home” reception for a group of Marines just returning from Iraq. It was an opportunity too special to pass up and an important lesson to be shared with my children. These are the “Heroes” of America and America’s children need to be given the opportunity to rub shoulders with the men and women who give their all for this Great Nation of America, the “Heroes’ who keep this nation free for the next generation’s children.

These Marines, in full dress uniform, represent what is bold and beautiful about this country. As they stood at attention honoring one of their fellow soldiers; the discipline, the structure, the brotherhood that was displayed, in many ways represents this country as a whole. We too should stand at attention in unity when one of our nation’s “Heroes” walks by, for they are the very essence of the liberty we take for granted. They deserve more than a small and not well attended reception in a quiet room of a library. And yet we have forgotten them in our busy lives, the lives of peace, freedom and the pursuit of happiness that we enjoy at the expense of our Military and their families.

Most American’s seem to reach deep into the goodness compartment of their hearts after any tragedy occurs in the world. It defines us as a great nation, a giving nation, a people who care, and yet we are a nation that grows cold as quickly as it ignites behind a particular cause or event. We no longer are a people who stick to a goal until it is finished. We start well, but most never even finish the race. We are a nation that is defined by microwave passion, quick results and impatient longings. And I would assert that most American’s today could not have made it as a Pilgrim, a Patriot, or a Pioneer. We dream big, start strong and when the going gets inconvenient we quit, point fingers and find another banner to march under for a while.

America’s children, my children, must learn that America was built on the backs of men and women who gave there last breathe to the cause of freedom. They need to understand that life is not a fast forward to the best parts, but a dedicated grind, a discipline and a sacrifice to keep what is truly free, beautiful and brings joy. Our children must rub shoulders with the “Heroes” who live up to this standard, the men and women who are the present day Pilgrim, Patriot and Pioneer of this Great United States of America.

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