Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa Didn't Bring Me What I Wanted and Now I am Pouty!

I sent a letter to Santa, or maybe it was God. I remember writing the same thing last year, I thought perhaps the first got lost. So I picked up my pen and again jotted down my request, but once again on Christmas morn I realized I'd been forgot. I want to give the benefit of the doubt to the Giver of Gifts, but right now, my human nature is really throwing a fit. I want to stomp like a toddler and scream, "Hey, I've been really good!" Why didn't my two year old Christmas gift come wrapped as I think it should?
So what do you tell yourself when the magic is not found, when the Christmas lights still glitter, the songs are still sung, but your heart is not into it, when all's said and done. What do you tell your heart when it is crushed with disappointment? When the Gift Giver, the Answerer of Prayer, doesn't answer the way you think fair?
You can do what I've done and throw a sullen fit. You can walk around in a miff because of what you didn't get. Or you can write another letter, or rather get down on your knees and ask the Giver of Life for forgiveness....if you please. And while you are bowed down to the One who gives good gifts, present your requests to God again, and let Him decide what is best.
He knows what I need, but sees the desires of my heart. He loves me enough to say no and perhaps even before Christmas, He will answer this request for a Home.