Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wrapping up the Year...

Merry Christmas! I’ve been thinking about what to wrap up for Jesus, as He is the birthday King. I was left with a sense of empty hands and didn’t know what to bring. I pondered what would honor Him and show Him my grateful love and this thought that moved me deep within, I encourage you also to give.

Each year, six days from now, we all begin a new. A list of resolutions we write to change and undo, the damage of the past years habits, the choices we’d like to see removed and so this list we create with a solemn vow to improve. And yet we endlessly fail again, perhaps with the same vows from last years end, and so this year I suggest that we wrap up these lists and place them before the One who can indeed help us succeed.

The problem with resolutions is the problem with man, we simply can’t change on our own and that is God’s plan. We have to realize that we will fail, and in knowing this weakness we will then succeed. Our resolutions are only as good as our recognition of God’s power in our lives and God’s power in our lives is only as good as we are willing to surrender to His will. Our gift to Jesus this year should be our wrapped up lists of what we will change and recognize that it is only He who can change us. This is what we need and what He wants for His birthday.

So I am making a list and checking it twice, I encourage you to do the same, I’ll make sure that I’m honest with what needs to go and give it to the King. Then I’ll take out the gift-wrap and boxes and bows and place this list under the tree, I’ll address it to Jesus and sign it with love from His creation, His child, from me.

Merry Christmas dear friends, we pray that you will have a New Year full of God’s grace and His Power of change in your lives as you surrender to His will in 2009!
Under His Mercy,
The Selby Clan
Russ, Mary, Alethia, Abigayle, Adilynn and Austin