Sunday, October 5, 2008

to be

To just "Be" in Christ...that is the question. How to "be" at His feet on Sunday (or any day), when you are called to serve is a line I am trying to walk. How to Prepare for the Sabbath, to gather the quail and manna the day before, prepare the meal, and gather the firewood so that the day of Worship is a "being" day in Christ not a "doing" day.
God created the Sabbath for man to find rest in Him, to be still and know that He is God. I am trying to find that balance and yet serve Him by leading others into worship. Even if I were sitting at His feet, physically before Jesus as Mary was, could I shut down my concerns and my desire to please and "do" perfectly and really worship? How do we take the gifts that are only ours because they come from the Giver of Life and cast them before His throne is such a way that we leave earths presence and enter into His?
How to "be" in a "do" world is a life long lesson I am afraid, and I don't think I am anywhere close to getting it.
But I pray today, that I can "be" with God in worship and see His face while all else fades away.

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