Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please God, show us the rainbow

Up and down, angry, confused, befuddled, tears, hurt, pain, questioning, numb, and the list continues. We humans are dealing with all of these emotions, as we reel in the past week's loss of a precious child. We search for reasons to comfort, we want to understand the mind of God on this, we cry because there is no other way to deal with the vacuum that is left by such devastation.
I think that last time I really had this out of control, "this can't be happening", feeling was on 9/11, but this is more personal. It is a friend and sister in the Lord who has had two planes crash into her home. The first bomb is the battle that her first born is fighting through, the battle of her lifetime: brain cancer. The second fatal explosion was the loss of her unborn child this past week. Both have left an indelible mark, and deep scar that will remain forever.
So many people have expressed so much mourning and loss for this family, complete strangers for the most part. The humanness of this has transected all back grounds and has challenged even the deepest and strongest faith in God.
Oh God, please if you read blogs, show us something in all of this that represents the rainbow, that shines like Resurrection Sunday, that demonstrates that You alone are glorified and victorious. We humans can't understand this and we are hurting. Please my Lord, read this cry from many human hearts and show us your loving, gracious, merciful hand in a situation that seems like You weren't around on Thursday last.

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Patti Rauch said...

So sorry you're hurting so much. May I share this with a bible study group? We're studying book of Peter, full of grace, mercy and inexpressible joy, even thru trials. Your words, despite the pain, are encouraging.

Praying for you,