Wednesday, May 7, 2008

summer's coming

Dragging myself through the motion of teaching, yet hounding my children to be diligent till the end, makes me realize that either I am a hypocrite, or have forgotten that they are but children and tire as easily as I. How does one keep on keeping on, when the end is in sight, yet the end will not be reached even when all is officially said and done? How do I keep pressing on, knowing that once this page is turned, there is no sure thing on the next sheet of unwritten paper.
Does anyone really ever have a sure thing? Can we really ever know what tomorrow will bring? Does looking forward to summer make sense if summer may never come, or summer may be a scorching draught with no end in sight, or shade to cool one's life?
What is hope, if it isn't waiting for what is to come tomorrow, that may improve upon today. What is pressing on, if one doesn't have hope in something?
Summer is coming and perhaps with it, a change in the season of my life. Yet if not, how do I press on for Fall or Winter...or Spring of next year? How does anyone press on? Summer is coming, and with it the hope of change....

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