Saturday, October 17, 2009

Throw Down the Worry Crutch and Clutch God's Hand

Have you ever had a crisis when you could honestly say that God's peace was radically evident in the midst, and that you could hear God say, "Well done"?

A few weeks back I heard that voice and floated on God's surpassing peace as my car chugged and came to a stop in the middle of the freeway. No panic ensued, just a matter of fact, step by step, decision to call Russ and then call God and wait. Worry would have only made the situation tense. I wanted so badly to be home, so I could take off my "teaching" costume and put on jammies, but God decided to let my faith be strengthened and to show me His peace on the median of the 215 freeway.

$16.50 an hour on paper can't sustain a family of 6. It can't pay for the inflated gas prices and tuition and insuranse payments and school items. Our bank account goes in the red every pay check and yet God tells me not to worry and live for Him now. So running out of gas with only a dollar of change in my pocket and a negative bank account could have freaked me out, yet I realized that I was right where God wanted me and He was in control.

Don't worry about tomorrow or worry about something even an hour from now: It is a sin. Don't use the crutch: "I'm a worrier by nature". No you are a sinner by nature who chooses to hang onto the crutch instead of God's hand.

Don't be discontent, but count on God to provide the needs as they arise, not the wants. You don't have a right to your wants, you don't even have a right to your needs being met, yet God so loved the world He sent Jesus to meet my greatest need and He promises "all these things will be added to you" when we seek His kingdom and righteousness.

What person adds a day to his life by worrying? No one! Medically speaking worry causes health problems and a shorter life span. But it also causes a lack of peace with God because it breaks the fellowship with Him due to the fact it is sin. Nothing good comes from worry.

I was given a choice on that Tuesday: trust in the Lord or worry. I got a pat on that moment, and peace that passed all understanding. I will worry again but today, I choose to "Throw down the crutch and clutch God's hand."