Saturday, November 1, 2008

voting made possible by a long wait in line

An hour and a half ticked by as I watched the people around me stirring in their seats, talking with the stranger next to them, all waiting for the same event. I have never had the privilege of waiting so long to cast my ballot. It was exciting to see the amount of people who were voting today. There was a sense of urgency and perhaps pride in the crowded waiting room. The lack of apathy should be cause for celebration, and yet I feel doomed to the inevitable. As I looked around the room, I was the minority in almost every sense of the word. It was America in waiting, as far as the melting pot image goes, that we have grown to know and appreciate. All walks of life were represented. I saw several gays, many Latinos, two old couples who just arrived off the bus from Woodstock, a woman sporting her donkey covered democrat t-shirt stating: Sex and fill in the blank. and the Afro-American (to be pc) were out in force. I am sure there were some conservatives in the mix, but if looks could kill, the conservative vote was in the line of fire.

I had a blog discussion with a young man this past week regarding Obama and his extreme stance on abortion. Abortion has been on the back burner this campaign season, because the saviour effect, the economy and biased media has controlled the discussion. But abortion should continue to be a key talking point for Conservatives and somewhere along the way, it was stashed in the baggage hold of the election train. The young man didn't want to really discuss the abortion issue, he was taking offense to the comparison of abortion and slavery. He thought it was in poor taste because of the color of the Democratic Candidates skin. This comparison has been strongly made in past forums and long before Obama ever came on the scene. The young man encouraged me not to vote for a candidate based on one issue. I agree, but turned the table on him as his argument fails in view of the fact that most of the people I saw voting today were voting because of the one issue: Change "A black man for president". They haven't really read what the Obama plan means for them. They probably haven't been on the official website and looked into what he believes for education, war, energy, health care. I have read the fine print and would not vote for him even if he was my favorite shade of green. His philosophy of life is not the Christian World View that I hold and that I love and cherish.

So is there hope for those of us who cling to a Biblical World view? Can conservatives still win in this election? Only if the grassroots conservatives make up their mind to not lay down and play beat already can we save this country from a dangerous left turn.
Vote. Wait in line and vote. It matters more than ever. Make history and know that no matter what happens, you have earned the right to complain.

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